Young Changemakers – update

We’re thrilled to be partnering with the Clifton Hill/North Fitzroy Community Branch of the Bendigo Bank for another year in 2018, delivering three Young Changemakers programs in local high schools.

The Program is an important activity for the Foundation, and board members and staff are delighted with the outcomes of the initiative as it contributes valuable resources to strengthen grassroots organisations in the inner northern suburbs of Melbourne. This investment of social dollars through philanthropy benefits more that the capacity of local groups – it gives young people an opportunity to deepen their understanding of civic life, and learn the importance of participating in and contributing to their community.

We recently collated feedback from the 2016 projects funded. It paints a broad picture of activity undertaken by local community groups to support prosperous, connected and cohesive communities in Melbourne’s Inner North. Examples of the flow on effects from the program include.

  • Motivating two students from Fitzroy High School to volunteer for the homework club after hearing from North Carlton Railway Neighbourhood House at a school assembly
  • Influencing final year projects by students at Fitzroy High School, with teachers stating their research into local disability providers came from their experiences with Young Changemakers
  • Inspiring further fundraising from students at Collingwood College: St Mary’s House of Welcome mentioned that their milk allocation had been significantly cut. Students collected money for milk – giving vulnerable local people the basic dignity of being able to have milk in their tea.

The Clifton Hill/North Fitzroy Community Branch of the Bendigo Bank and Inner North Community Foundation both give to local organisations for local impact.