Our Grants

Since 2007, the Foundation has given a total of $3,700,000 to 130 local community organisations. These not for profit organisations have been supported to add value to people’s lives, and to accelerate their progress to enjoy local economic participation, prosperity and opportunity.

The Foundation is not the final destination, but can get money and resources to where it needs to land to see change.

Our philanthropic funds are used for Grantmaking across broad interests, with a special focus on building pathways to employment and promoting economic participation. This priority recognises the importance of work, which ensures personal and family wellbeing, and enables people to be active contributors in community life.

Our major granting activity is to strengthen pathways to employment through organisations running innovative and creative programs that unlock people’s potential to contribute to our prosperity. Crowdfunding, partnership and other grants are also important. The organisations we fund receive access as well as money. Depending on their needs, the Foundation supports with referrals to other funding bodies, promotion to our community, and connection to other resources as suitable.