2013 – 2014 Arts Project Australia


2013 - 2014 Arts Project Australia


Photography Program




Terry Brian Kenny Fund

Arts Projects Australia is a gallery and workspace in Northcote for artists with an intellectual disability.  It has been nurturing and promoting the work of artists for over 30 years, presenting work in a professional manner so that artists are accorded the same dignity and respect as their non-disabled peers. 

Arts Projects Australia is developing a photographic studio as part of the Digital Media Program, to provide more ways for their participating artists to express themselves through different media.

The Digital Media Program was developed and designed to engage with artists, to complement their existing art practice (particularly painting and drawing), and develop new skills.  The program includes animation, digital imaging and photography.  More than 30 artists each term take part in the Digital Media Program.

10 artists each term take part in the photography component of the program.  It is designed to expose artists to the artistic and technical values of photography, and photographic works have already featured in Arts Project exhibitions, and will continue to do so each year.  It is proving enormously popular with artists of all ages.

The photographs taken by artists are used both as a basis and reference for digital imaging, and allow artists to see the world slightly differently.


This grant is supported by a donation from the Terry Brian Kenny Fund (a named sub-fund of the Inner North Community Foundation).


Images courtesy of the artists, Christopher O'Brien, Georgia Szmerling, Miles Howard-Wilks, Samuele Fenech and Thomas Iacono and Arts Project Australia, Melbourne


Artworks in order of appearance:

Christopher O'Brien Not titled (storm over suburban house) 2013

Christopher O'Brien Jeffrey Smart 2013

Georgia Szmerling Not titled (leaf) 2013

Georgia Szmerling Still Life 2013

Miles Howard-Wilks MomentoMori_01 2013

Miles Howard-Wilks MomentoMori_02 2013

Samuele Fenech Not titled (Merri Creek) 2013

Thomas Iacono Not titled (Skeleton playing guitar) 2013


Arts Project Australia digital media program