Breaking Down Barriers


Fitzroy Learning Network


Breaking Down Barriers


Fitzroy - Yarra Region


Pathways to Employment 11 - 12

The Fitzroy Learning Network is a community-based Neighbourhood House that welcomes people from diverse educational, cultural and social backgrounds.

They provide education, English language skills, job interview skills, computer skills and basic life skills particularly for newcomers to our community.

The Breaking Down Barriers program is a development of a job club program run in 2010 which focused on culturally and linguistically diverse people undertaking English classes at Fitzroy Learning Network. The program funded by the Inner North Community Foundation will incorporate:

  • volunteer placements
  • allocation of volunteer mentors
  • preparation of employment pathways portfolios containing necessary employment information

12 people will participate in this program. Participants will range in age from 23 to 50. 10 participants will be women, 2 men. All participants live in public housing in Fitzroy or Collingwood.

Visit the Fitzroy Learning Network website to learn more about this community organisation.