Korin Gamadji Institute (in association with the Brotherhood of St Laurence)


Korin Gamadji Institute


Korin Gamadji Institute - Indigenous Leadership Program


Richmond - Yarra


Pathways to Employment 12 - 13

The Korin Gamadji Institute is a new community organisation committed to providing young indigenous people with better opportunities and choices to help them realise their potential in their work life.  Its charter is to deliver an innovative and unique educational experience that provides leadership and accredited training outcomes to transition young Indigenous people into the workplace. It is about enabling them to make a fulfilling and meaningful contribution in their work life and is based in the recently completed redevelopment at Punt Road.

This grant will contribute to supporting a worker alongside the CEO to provide onsite training experience, assist with development of mentoring relationships for young people at KGI and ensure efficient delivery of culturally appropriate programs. The position itself also represents a significant career pathway for the successful appointee. When fully operational, programs will include leadership Camps, development of mentoring relationships, career transition training, vocational education and training and community engagement.

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