Pathways to Employment


Sprout Community Garden, Mind Australia


Employment Pathways Project


Thornbury - Darebin Region


Pathways to Employment 11 - 12

Sprout is a Community Garden for people recovering from mental illness, drug and alcohol issues or at risk of homelessness. Sprout is a recovery focused program of Mind Australia that promotes well-being and provides people with opportunities to develop personal, interpersonal and vocational skills through a range of horticulture and enterprise activities with a sustainable and creative focus.

In its third year of receiving funding from the Inner North Community Foundation, Sprout continues its work with about 90 participants each year and provides staff with resources to:

  • further develop training models
  • identify suitable participants through expression of interest to undertake skills training and work opportunities through Sprout Community Enterprise
  • deliver training and support to participants
  • increase and engage with more young people in pre-employment support and training

Funding from the Inner North Community Foundation also allows Sprout to continue to support participants to:

  • establish or continue to work in small work teams in micro enterprises
  • further develop product/services for the community market and other sale opportunities
  • further develop promotional materials and purchase necessary supplies to set up their stalls.

Visit the Sprout Community Gardens website to discover more about this community organisation.

Photo of this project courtesy of Mark Farrelly Photography.

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