Pathways to Participation


Asylum Seeker Resource Centre


Pathways to Participation


Inner northern suburbs - Darebin, Moreland and Yarra Region


Pathways to Employment 11 - 12

In 2001 ASRC opened its doors in a tiny shop front in Footscray. Since then it has grown to be Australia’s largest asylum seeker organization. Their core principle is that they turn no one seeking asylum away.

The ASCR encompasses more than 600 volunteers, 23 direct programs and more than 2000 asylum seekers receive their support. The ASRC focuses on a variety of causes from direct aid, welfare, medical care, and strengthening families and communities to campaigning for social change.

The Pathways to Participation program uses a process to systematically prepare asylum seekers for the Australian workplace (through training and education), as well as a partnerships model to connect job-ready asylum seekers with local employers. Over the last 7 years, the project has succeeded in filling the extensive gap that exists for asylum seekers seeking employment.

Project outcomes include:

  • resilient, dedicated individuals who will use their skills to make a valuable contribution to the community in areas of skills shortages
  • creating an employed workforce resulting in a reduced long-term reliance on State Government welfare services
  • promoting diversity and social inclusion with a diverse, multicultural workforce among industry partners and the wider community
  • lifting some of its most vulnerable members out of poverty by securing sustainable long-term employment

The program currently assists 36 people across Darebin, Moreland, and Yarra.

Visit the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre website to discover more about this community organisation.

Photo of this project courtesy of Mark Farrelly Photography.