Russian Ethnic Representative Council of Victoria


Russian Ethnic Representative Council of Victoria


Russian, Slavic, Yarra Employment Services




Pathways to Employment 14 - 15

This program supports newly arrived migrants from Russia include Russian brides and overseas students (with permission to work), spouses, family reunion, and skilled migrants.  Many of them do not understand the Australian system and work culture. Russian brides are especially disadvantaged because they are not shown how to navigate the community services maze, to find organisations that might be able to help them with advice, information and referral. Newly-arrived migrants lack the self-esteem to be able to just ask for help; they often lack the skills of navigating the job-search system. Other barriers include significant differences in the education systems between the two countries.  This program will assist in helping them to find work.

This program was also supported through our Crowdfunding incentive.

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