Shared Community Cooking Space


CERES Community Environment Park


Shared Community Cooking Space


Brunswick - Moreland Region


Pathways to Employment 11 - 12

CERES – the Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies, is an award winning, not-for-profit, environment and education centre and urban farm located by the Merri Creek in East Brunswick.

Built on a decommissioned municipal tip that was once a landfill and wasteland, today CERES is a thriving, vibrant community. Over 300,000 people visit CERES each year. Many more connect with CERES through its programs which take sustainable education directly to schools across the state.

The CERES Community Cooking Space will become a centre for creating community through food. Celebrations and learning will occur in the context of coming together around food.

Funding for the kitchen from the Inner North Community Foundation will enable CERES to:

  • create a kitchen for Community connection and accessibility
  • employ a Community Kitchen Manager
  • establish a 'home' for CERES Food Projects – Seven Stars and CERES Farms Programs
  • provide a place for community engagement and workshops
  • bring in an income that supports and helps develop the programs in CERES
  • develop an 'edible kitchen garden'

CERES is located in Bruswick. Thank you to the Portland House Foundation for supporting this project.

Visit the CERES website to discover more about this community organisation.