Our donors

Our donors reflect the diversity of our community. They contribute for different reasons, but are connected by a sense of the importance of place-based giving and philanthropy.  Over 300 people and organisations have given through the Foundation in the past eleven years – both small and large amounts – that have been carefully managed, targeted and monitored.

We have enjoyed a growing interest from donors, starting with the founding donors, IntoWork, and several early supporters who have provided major funding to help establish the granting operations and increase impact of the Foundation.  Donors have contributed by:

  • establishing and contributing to corpus that is now at $6.5 million
  • providing one-off grants each year to selected organisations through the granting program
  • providing flow-through grants to identified regional not-for-profit organisations (Portland House)
  • commissioning the Foundation to run special focus granting (Scanlon Foundation)
  • establishing 17 sub-funds
  • contributing to many Crowdfunding campaigns
  • participating in fundraisers such as the annual Run Melbourne and our open garden event
  • partnering to create new initiatives to benefit the region, including Young Changemakers  (Clifton Hill/Fitzroy North Community Branch of the Bendigo Bank and MP Consulting)

Donors in our network have opportunities to learn about the region, to develop personal giving interests, and to exchange with peers while sharing a mutual interest in generosity and giving in their local communities.  The Foundation is a platform for donors and grantees to meet up and create links with local communities and organisations in the region.