Our people

In addition to funds, people are the other asset of the Foundation.  A wide range of people take on governance and operational roles:

  • The Foundation Board consists of 10 directors who bring experience, skills, networks and a commitment to the region.  Terms are fixed and public applications are invited when vacancies arise.
  • Board Associates are also appointed to observe board meetings and contribute, and to build engagement with younger and more diverse networks. Recruitment generally occurs in November, with Associates commencing the following January.
  • Staff is currently an Executive Officer with a part-time Community Philanthropy Coordinator. 1.2EFT, who both bring experience in philanthropy and place-based community development. The Foundation has also engaged a trainee in Business Administration in 2019 and 2020, through AGA.
  • The volunteer base of the Foundation has expanded in recent years, engaging people to support the Foundation in meaningful ways, and expand networks.