Give with us

Opportunities to give, partner and collaborate

If you see yourself in the story of this community, get in touch today. We’re here to be a platform for local philanthropy and support place-based giving in Melbourne’s inner north. You can:

1) Start a sub-fund and create your legacy for our community

There is no minimum starting amount to join the growing number of individuals, families and organisations have established a named sub-fund that reflects their sustained commitment to the Inner North.

2) Increase the reach of existing programs by working together

Many organisations have all built partnerships by working together with us, advancing vitality and prosperity of our region. People with more modest amounts of money are also giving through regular workplace donations, gifts in wills, transfer of assets prompted by wind-up clauses and generally joining in the fun with fundraisers

3) Share our knowledge

The Foundation can point donors to (regional) opportunities to invest in our region, provide links to partnerships and programs, and help bring money to life through place-based philanthropy.

4) Volunteer with us

We have a talented and committed team of volunteers willing to give time and talent, sharing networks, raising money and welcoming involvement as part of our growing Foundation community.

To start a conversation, please call Ben Rodgers on 03 8689 1967 or email

5) Every dollar benefits our region

IntoWork Australia is our founder, and covers all operating costs and overheads.  This means that all money donated for the region can go to the communities, families and individuals we are here to support.