Work Place Giving

How it Works

Workplace Giving is a simple yet powerful way for employees to give, and to receive a tax benefit immediately.  For example, a $5 pre-tax donation each week (equivalent to just one cappuccino!) has a powerful lasting impact on our community and is very simple to establish.

Benefits for employees

Workplace giving is an easy way for employees to make regular charitable donations out of their pre-tax income.  A streamlined program can be set up via payroll so that regular deductions can be made on behalf of your employees to the Inner North Community Foundation.  The benefits?  Employees don’t have to wait until their tax return to receive a tax deduction for their donation, and they don’t feel like the money is coming out of their pocket! Also, they are contributing to creating positive social outcomes in the inner north community.

Benefits for organisations

Workplace giving can help your business to achieve your corporate social responsibility objectives, demonstrate  collaborative community partnerships and increase your company’s  reputation and profile. Its effectiveness in developing a culture of giving can also help build staff morale and loyalty. Employers can choose to match employee contributions, creating an additional incentive, boosting staff morale and stimulating team spirit. The positive social impact is significant when a whole workplace is involved!

What donors can expect:

  • Regular contact from the Inner North Community Foundation, which deepens your understanding and connnection to the community
  • Invitations to events and community building activities in the Inner North
  • Engagement at your preferred level of involvement for distribution
  • Security that your investment is well managed with strong financial stewardship

Contact us

For more information on how to establish a workplace giving program in your organisation please contact our Executive Officer, Ben Rodgers on 03 8689 1922 or by email at