Breen Family Fund

Established by Kevin Breen in 2013, the Fund was created to contribute to the development of a healthy and vibrant local community in Melbourne’s inner north.

About this fund 

The Breen Family believes that by supporting or establishing a Named Fund, you are helping to address complex issues such as unemployment, inequality and homelessness and investing in the best our community can offer: the arts, education, safe and inclusive neighbourhoods, and a healthy environment. The fund has a particular focus on supporting local groups to have increased capacity, particularly around supporting pathways to employment. 

The Breen Family has strong connections to the region, and Kevin worked in the inner north for over 25 years mainly in community development and planning. Kevin believes that philanthropy is about being a community builder and wanted to leave a legacy for future generations in a region where he spent so many years, and his philosophy is that local giving makes a lot of sense because he can see his donations taking form around him, in the streets, and in the lives of the communities he loved much of his life.

Having been an advocate for the creation of the Inner North Community Foundation, Kevin can see the possibilities that a community foundation can offer. Small amounts of money from many contributors can be invested to build a powerful resource to help build a strong and resilient local community.