The Foundation launched its Covid-19 Disaster Relief Fund 12 months ago, to respond to the uncertainty and crisis presented by the pandemic. The bulk of funds were granted back between March and September 2020 to a range of different activity

With ongoing lock-downs in Melbourne, the Foundation has secured additional funds to re-start this grants program between August and December 2021, and is seeking further donations from local people, government and philanthropic partners.

The Covid-19 Disaster Relief Fund is DGR1, with donations over $2 tax deductible. 

What we can do about Covid-19

Covid-19 continues to create challenges, and local community groups are continuing to step up to provide help for others. 

The Foundation has small grants for local groups that have big impact, and we need your help.

You live here, you work here, and you can help here. The Inner North Community Covid-19 Disaster Releif Fund is doing something about it – and so can you! The fund set up by the Inner North Community Foundation enables you to do something to support your community through these tough times.

Make sure that the most vulnerable people in Darebin, Moreland and Yarra get help. Giving will soften the impacts of Covid-19 hitting many in our community. Your donation will enable:

  • Emergency relief support for families to have essentials.
  • Rapid Response grants for not for profit community groups to respond in flexible and creative ways.   

We’re exploring other ways to fund projects designed to lift our spirits and show what we can do together. 

The people in need are our neighbours and we can help them. Let’s all act NOW and do something about the impacts of Covid-19.