Our Vision

Prosperous, connected, cohesive community in Melbourne’s Inner North.

Our Mission

To increase economic participation, strengthen people’s networks, and promote social inclusion through partnerships and philanthropy.

Everyone involved with the Foundation is committed to building on people’s strengths to ensure that individuals, families and community groups can contribute to a strong and prosperous Inner North.

The Foundation creates prosperity by:

  • Focusing on economic participation as a starting point, and recognising that people’s connection to work relies on whole of community vitality and connectedness
  • Harnessing local resources for local impact by providing avenues for people to contribute to their community.

The Foundation contributes to connectedness and cohesion by:

  • Providing a platform for donors and grantees to work together for the benefit of the region
  • Brokering partnerships and building collaborations to progress the work of groups and organisations in the inner north.
  • Sharing what has been learned with people, organisations, and government to achieve better outcomes for people in the inner north.