Start a Named Fund

Have lasting impact in the place you call home  

A Named Fund allows you to recommend the preferred charities or causes in the Inner North that you wish to support each year. The Fund can be named after a special place or something of importance to you, or in honour of someone. It can be a tribute, used to acknowledge a life well-lived, a generous spirit or proud achievement. Creating a Named Fund gives you the chance to provide community assistance at grassroots and personal level.

Establishing a Named Fund in perpetuity with the Inner North Community Foundation is simple. There is no starting amount, with granting to local groups available once the fund builds to $10,000. There are no establishment fees, and the Foundation works with you to build your giving.

A Named Fund is a great way to involve family members or whole organisations in a meaningful and fulfilling giving experience. Donations can be made to Named Funds at any time by the original donor, or by family members, friends or others. All donations are fully tax deductible and we manage all governance and administration for you at no cost. Once a fund reaches $100,000 a small annual administration fee is charged.

Join the growing number of individuals and families who have established a Named Fund that reflects their sustained commitment to the Inner North.
See how others have used the Foundation as a platform for their philanthropy visit the Donate page.

To find out how you can get started, contact Ben on 03 8689 1922, or email