How it Works

Workplace Giving offers a simple yet powerful way for employees to give. Even a $5 pre-tax donation each week, the cost of a coffee, has a powerful and lasting impact on our community.

Benefits for employees

Workplace giving is an easy way for employees to make regular charitable donations out of their pre-tax income. A streamlined program can be set up via payroll so regular deductions can be made on your behalf to the Inner North Community Foundation.  

Why should I give through my workplace?

  • The tax benefits are instant because it comes out of your pre-tax income.
  • Donating funds directly via payroll is easy — it takes care of itself. 
  • You are contributing to creating positive social outcomes in the Inner North community.

Benefits for organisations

The benefits of workplace giving for organisations are many:

  •  Achieve your corporate social responsibility objectives
  • Demonstrate collaborative community partnerships
  • Increase your company’s reputation and profile
  • Help to develop a culture of giving, to build employee wellbeing and loyalty.

Employers can choose to match employee contributions to create an additional incentive while boosting morale and stimulating team spirit -he positive social impact of giving is significant when a whole workplace is involved.

What donors can expect

  • Regular contact from the Inner North Community Foundation, which deepens your understanding of and connection to the community
  • Invitations to events and community building activities 
  • You choose how involved you’d like to be in distributing the funds
  • The security of knowing your investment is well managed with strong financial stewardship.

Contact us

For more information on how to establish a workplace giving program in your organisation please contact our Executive Officer, Ben Rodgers on 03 8689 1922 or email [email protected]