Leave a gift in your Will

Leaving a bequest in your Will is a meaningful and long-lasting way of supporting the Inner North community, without impacting on your present income and assets.

Since 2007, the Inner North Community Foundation has provided a secure, measurable way for philanthropically-minded individuals to contribute to the prosperity of the community in which they lived or worked, in perpetuity.

The Foundation has structured and audited frameworks in place to ensure bequests are responsibly invested, and will benefit the community for years to come. As well as providing pathways to employment, bequests to the Foundation also go towards alleviating homelessness, indigenous and ethnic disadvantage, and poor mental health, and supporting refugees and asylum seekers, youth and the arts.

If you are considering leaving a gift for the Foundation in your Will, we promise to:

  • Respect your privacy — you can leave an anonymous bequest or a publicly acknowledged named fund [link to named fund page]. However you choose to give, we will respect your wishes in perpetuity.
  • Honour your generosity — whether your gift to the Foundation is cash, property, art, or something else, we will invest it wisely and transparently to ensure your legacy will provide maximum impact for those living in the Inner North.
  • Use 100% of your bequest for its intended purpose — all the Foundation’s administrative and financial obligations are funded by IntoWork Australia and the Darebin, Moreland and Yarra City Councils. This means 100% of the donations we receive from members of the community are able to be put to work supporting the many initiatives that make the Inner North a great place to live and work.

Further information

Got a question? Read our FAQs.

If you are a financial advisor, solicitor or executor, read this information for Legal/Financial Advisors.

If you’d like to learn more about setting up a Named Fund to create a lasting legacy for the community, read this Case Study.

For a confidential discussion about leaving a bequest, or suggested wording for your Will, please contact our Executive Officer Ben Rodgers on 03 8689 1967 or [email protected]