Our Organisation

Since we were established in 2007, we’ve overseen the distribution of more than $5.9 million in grants to local organisations for hundreds of community-building projects. We currently manage more than $11 million from over 740 generous locals.

There are many people who want to see our community thrive, long into the future. To do that, we bring those people together.

The Inner North Community Foundation is a combination of six elements:
  • We’re an incorporated registered charity. We ensure proper handling of funds, we govern funds distribution and we provide tax-deductible ways of giving.
  • We’re community-owned and managed. Our directors are community members, ensuring we can provide a local, transparent and accountable response to local issues.
  • We’re grounded in community. We’re defined by our place. We come from here, and our community participates with us in growing and distributing funds.
  • We receive support from many. Everyone can contribute, and we provide flexible ways (both financial and non-financial) to be involved and help build long-term assets for long-term benefits.
  •  We pool funds for greater impact. Funds are pooled and the investment income earned is distributed to local charities.
  • We provide support to many. We know local charities and organisations. We help them talk to the community and each other, and we distribute funds and resources where they’re needed most.
The Inner North Community Foundation is among almost 40 community foundations across Australia, and we’re a proud member of both Australian Community Philanthropy and Philanthropy Australia.

We’re a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not for Profit Commission