Strong community organisations are bult on the effort, energy, and commitment of volunteers. 

The Foundation is proudly represented by many such people, they include the Board, volunteer workers, community advisory panel members to name a few.

As a volunteer, you’ll benefit from:

  • The satisfaction of contributing to your community
  • Using your skills and experience
  • Learning some new skills

Current roles

Community Advisory Panels

There are standing opportunities for local people to join Community Advisory Panels to assess grant applications and make recommendations to our Board. People receive induction, and join others to work together and make investments in our community. Typically Community Advisory Panels last around 6 weeks.

Community Story Telling

Shared stories are what create communities. Stories of hardship activate people, stories of success stimulate people, stories of endeavour motivate people and stories of our shared history unite people.

There are so many stories throughout the inner north and we want to see more of them told in a way which moves people to come together in building a better community.

We have made a good start through our regular newsletter and forums where we give people the opportunity to tell their own story. We have a good list of partners, donors and not-for-profits to build on.

Experience in journalism, content production, copywriting, editing or as an author would be great. Commitment required is flexible and you can work from home. We are looking for 4 pieces a year each about 200 words in length and include a photo or two. We can provide leads on good stories and we will acknowledge your work when it is published.

Let us know if you think you can help or if you would like to give it a try. Please see here for more information