Northside Media Fund



Now, more than ever, Australians need access to trusted, local, and independent news.

We all know about the crisis of news media in Australia.

In suburbs, neighbourhoods and municipalities around the nation, dozens of local newspapers have shut up shop.

Those local papers delivered a service essential to our communities and to our democracy. Telling the local stories that matter. Real news delivered by journalists and editors.

Without access to local and independent news outlets, important developments and issues go unreported, corporate and government accountability declines, and shared understandings of what is happening in our streets, neighbourhoods and community is disappearing. But there is a future for local news.

About this fund

Over the past six months, a small group of community members from the inner-north have developed a plan to guide the establishment of a not-for-profit community-owned charitable organisation that will create and publish independent local news.

Local news is important to the Inner North Community Foundation. The Northside Media Fund will enable the Foundation to support local news – which is so critical in supporting local democracy and community. If you can, please contribute.