Fitzroy Legal Service Fund

Thousands of Victorians are unable to access the legal advice they desperately need. Without help, many people face court without legal representation, are unfairly treated by debt-collectors, lose their homes, or live in fear of a violent partner. 
This is where the Fitzroy Legal Service steps in. They work towards a fairer and more just Victorian community, one in which the legal and broader social system supports equality and justice.

Your support of the Fitzroy Legal Service Fund at the Inner North Community Foundation will help create a lasting legacy with real impact for many years into the future. 

Direct Deposit Account Details

Payment Reference: Your first and last name. Please send an email with your contact details to  [email protected] so we can issue a receipt for tax purposes. 

About Fitzroy Legal Service 

Fitzroy Legal Service is an amalgamation of the Darebin Community Legal Centre and Fitzroy Legal Service.   The amalgamated entity draws on the significant histories and legal assistance services provided by the Darebin Community Legal Centre (established in 1988) and the Fitzroy Legal Service (established in 1972).   

As one of the oldest community legal centres in Australia, Fitzroy Legal Service are able to offer services and advice to thousands of people in need. Staffed by a core group of dedicated professionals and powered by the work of hundreds of passionate volunteers, services are offered across the Cities of Darebin and Yarra, and the broader inner north of Melbourne. 

Contribute to lasting impact

The Fitzroy Legal Service Fund at the Inner North Community Foundation provides a simple and cost-effective way to help ensure Fitzroy Legal Service continues to have impact, now and into the future.

Through the Inner North Community Foundation’s model, donations of all sizes are pooled in order to grow a perpetual investment that supports Fitzroy Legal Service make a difference in the lives of local people. 

How it works: 

  • Money is invested ethically and with a view to protect and preserve a capital base, that generates a grant to support Fitzroy Legal Service each and every year.
  • Gifts of all sizes are encouraged and valued, and a key way to support is considering a gift in your will.
  • Once you’ve made provisions for your loved ones, we invite you leave a gift in your Will, also known as a bequest, to the Fitzroy Legal Service as a way to create a lasting legacy with real impact for many years into the future.

If you are interested in understanding how a simple act of generosity can have longstanding impact, please contact either Kristine Olaris CEO of Fitzroy Legal Service, or Ben Rodgers, Executive Officer of the Inner North Community Foundation.