Say Their Name



In ancient teaching it is said that we each have three deaths: the first is when the body ceases to function. The second is when the soul leaves the body. The third is that moment when that person’s name is spoken for the last time.

Purpose of the fund 

A donation to the Say Their Name fund is a way for donors to keep alive the memory of someone who has died, and in so doing support First Nations women and girls living in the inner northern area of Melbourne.

Say Their Name 

Patricia Frances Anderson

1942 -2021

Dr Prahba Apte

1947 - 2006

Dr Christopher Baker

1957 - 2020

Salvatore Michelangelo Caleo

1937 – 2020

Anne Agnes Dykes

1919 - 2009

Kerri Hall

1956 - 2017

Lesley Hall

1954 - 2013

Geoffrey Bolitho Hauser

Born - Died

Lawre Ida McCaffrey (nee O’Brien)

1921 - 2017

Joan Mary McCann

1926 - 2005

Anna Tegner

1982 - 1999

Merrin Tegner

1947 - 2004

John Thomas Timmons

1922 - 2015

Maria Wilhemina Catherina Grundemann Walta

1914 - 2010

Elsie Margaret Williams

1896 - 1988

Marie Virginia Williams

1919 - 2012

Anyone is welcome to nominate someone with a donation to Say Their Name. Fully tax deductible donations start at $50, and any amount up to $50,000 will ensure a listing for up to ten years.

Who we are

The Say Their Name Fund was established with a donation from Genevieve Timmons in 2013. The Fund provides small annual grants to First Nations women and girls who live, work or study in Melbourne’s inner northern suburbs, particularly the Moreland, Yarra and Darebin municipalities.

Recipients develop their leadership skills and experience, and strengthen their prospects for employment and leadership roles in the future.

Five people incorporate the team: Genevieve Timmons, Charles Tegner, Rob Hauser, Mary Dykes and Josie Walta.

Our grants

Currently, grants from the Fund are small, but are expected to grow as more people donate to the Fund.  Past grants have been directed to the Aborigines Advancement League in Thornbury.

The Say Their Name Fund supports the Uluru Statement from the Heart

  “We are guided by the Makarrata. These are very important words – coming together, working together and making peace  together” – Galarrwuy Yunupingu